Davidoff Aniversario Special "R

Davidoff Aniversario Special "R" in Slow Tasting

The Davidoff Aniversario Special "R" is a cigar that I tried at the Slow Tasting. Here is my report and the Slow Tasting video. Have fun with it!

The Difference - What is the difference?

Do you know the difference? Four cigar lines from Davidoff are presented under The Difference.

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The White Band is

Davidoff ashtray Concrete

The four lines are called White Band Collection. It is a timeless icon of sophistication and elegance. The difference with other cigars is, among other things, the strict quality control. In other words: When the white band closes around a cigar, it is the final act of a ritual of Caribbean passion and Swiss precision.


Grand Cru



Cigars.Zone would like to help you understand this difference.

Slow Tasting Video

Tasting notes from the Davidoff Aniversario Special "R"

The Analysis I performed with the Cigars.Zone Testing Tool by. Explanations to the ZiZo R+ smoke technology you can find here.

External impression before lighting

Format: Robusto (ring 50 / length 124 mm)

Price: Status March 2023 / CHF 24.20, box of 4 CHF 96.80 / case of 25 CHF 605.00 / EUR 23.70, box of 4 EUR 94.80 / case of 25 EUR 592.50 / Note: There may also be other packing sizes.

Recommended acclimatization in humidor with cellophane: 5 days

The color and the cover sheet: Connecticut / very beautiful and fine

The construction and cold draft: The rolling is uniform / cold draw slightly woody

Davidoff Aniversario Special "R
Davidoff Aniversario Special "R
Davidoff Aniversario Special "R

The taste in general

The lighting and the draw resistance: Lighting is easy and the draw resistance is optimal

The burn, the strength and the taste: The burn is straight, now and then slightly wavy / Strength 3/5 / The taste is pleasant, slightly woody, slightly nutty, slightly sweetish

Davidoff Aniversario Special "R
Davidoff Aniversario Special "R

Course of enjoyment and conclusion

Course of enjoyment: steady increase

Conclusion: The strength of the Davidoff Aniversario Special "R" is not to be underestimated. It has a strength of 3/5, even 4/5 depending on the day, and is very aromatic and complex (see Slow Tasting Video for details). This cigar is suitable for the experienced cigar lover. A wonderful pleasure, even in combination with a champagne, which goes perfectly with this cigar.

Davidoff Aniversario Special "R

A cigar test is subjective. The taste of a cigar is influenced by personal taste preferences, taste memories, the shape of the day, what you have eaten or drunk before. Even the lighting mood in the room influences the taste experience. The taste nuances described here therefore do not have to correspond to one's own impressions.

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