CLAUDIO SGROI STEPS DOWN AS MASTER BLENDER OF MOMBACHO CIGARS. He is leaving the role of Master Blender after ten years and will no longer be working for the company from April 1, 2021.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Miami, Florida. - (March 25, 2021). Veteran tobacco specialist Claudio Sgroi announced that he will retire from Mombacho Cigars, where he served as master blender and director of operations from 2012 to 2016 and as master blender and president from 2016 to 2021. In a message to Casa Favilli employees on Monday, Sgroi, 44, said he will focus his time and energy on his family and other professional endeavors, including his role as president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco (CNT) and expanding his global reach in the industry through partnerships with leading and emerging brands.

Claudio Sgroi leaves Mombacho.

Claudio Sgroi joined Mombacho Cigars in 2011 as a consultant with the goal of creating a global cigar brand. "Over the past ten years, I have worked tirelessly to build assets for future growth," says Sgroi. His accomplishments at the company include new vitolas, new blends, new quality control systems, expanded sales to more than twelve countries, improved relationships with the best tobacco growers in Nicaragua and a state-of-the-art factory, Casa Favilli.

Sgroi also joined the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber and was elected President in January 2020. He now leads the board and all member activities, as well as the organization of the "Puro Sabor" cigar festival and other ventures.

Sgroi moved to Granada in 2012 and lived there for almost five years. During this time, he developed the internationally acclaimed Liga Maestro blend, the Mombacho 10th Anniversary Magnifico, the Casa Favilli line and the Cosecha series, now one of the most collectible Nicaraguan puros, for which he uses single year tobaccos from selective harvests. With a vision to create the most beautiful and authentic cigar factory in Nicaragua, Sgroi discovered and oversaw the renovation of Casa Favilli, a landmark colonial house in Granada, Nicaragua, which now serves as the Mombacho Cigars factory.

"I am excited and looking forward to dedicating more time to the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber as I have a great responsibility to represent the world's leading manufacturers," added Sgroi. "The Chamber's members produce the highest quality cigars available today." The CNT has 26 members, representing 95 percent of Nicaragua's exported cigars and tobacco. The Chamber also hosts the world-famous "Puro Sabor" cigar festival, which takes place annually in Nicaragua and attracts a global audience eager to learn about Nicaraguan cigars and culture.

About Claudio Sgroi

Claudio Sgroi is a renowned cigar master blender with twenty years of experience in tobacco and cigar production. He began his career in 2001 in the Dominican Republic, under the guidance of Hendrik Kelner of Davidoff Cigars. He has worked in Switzerland, Italy, the United States and Nicaragua, gaining extensive knowledge of tobacco processes and blending. His passionate work and expertise includes quality control, marketing and sales.

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