Claudio Sgroi launches consulting firm

On the occasion of his 20th anniversary in the tobacco industry, Claudio Sgroi launches his consulting firm based in Miami, USA. He already has mandates. The company is called CST Consulting, LLC.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Consulting for the premium tobacco industry

"This is a significant step in my career," said Claudio Sgroi, "as through 'CST Consulting, LLC' I will be able to share my expertise and my dreams in the tobacco industry."

The company provides consulting services covering the premium tobacco industry from "The-Seed-To-The-Ash" and includes tobacco crop management, fermentation and pre-industry, tobacco supply chain set-up and operations, blending, production and quality assurance, international logistics, distribution and fulfillment, design, and marketing and sales strategies.

Claudio Sgroi
Claudio Sgroi

Sgroi's beginnings in the industry

"On May 18, 2001, I stepped into a tobacco field for the first time," says Claudio Sgroi, "Two intense and immersive decades in the tobacco industry feels like a lifetime to me. In that time, I have traveled the world and worked tirelessly to explore every aspect of our beloved industry. These twenty years have allowed me to amass a bag full of experience and knowledge; what I have accumulated over these years is what I will bring to my clients' businesses and what drives me to pursue this new venture."

CST Consulting, LCC, already has mandates

CST Consulting, LLC is based in Miami and has already concluded several partnership, cooperation and consulting agreements with companies on various continents:

  • United Tabac (Miami, FL-USA) Import, distribution and fulfillment;
  • Julián Sued & Cía (Dominican Republic) Quality assurance, blending and business development;
  • Tabacalera Tambor (Nicaragua) Blending and production;
  • FAEC (Miami, FL-USA) Industrial Engineering, Project Management;
  • PSX Ventures GMBH (Austria) Product development, creative concepts, training for importers, distributors, sales staff and restaurateurs, marketing concepts for manufacturers;
  • Lyon Cigars (Canada) Blending, marketing and sales strategy;
  • Camino Cigars (USA) Blending and production assurance at Julián Sued & Cía;
  • Tabacalera Del Oriente (Perú) Quality assurance and international distribution;
  • Italian Cigar Group S. R.L. (Italy) Tobacco supply, blending, quality assurance, production and distribution strategy.
  • To respect privacy and confidentiality agreements, other continents, including Africa, are not mentioned.

"I am very happy to return to my roots as a consultant. The passion for new projects and the challenges involved are very inspiring for me," added Claudio Sgroi. "CST is well on its way to becoming a leader in tobacco industry consulting and has already established close relationships with several companies to redefine the word boutique in the premium cigar industry, help new talents to become major players in the industry and offer new services in this industry."

About Claudio Sgroi

Claudio Sgroi is a renowned Master Blender with twenty years of experience in the tobacco industry and cigar making. He began his career in 2001 in the Dominican Republic, alongside Hendrik Kelner, Davidoff's Master Blender. He has had increasingly important assignments in the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Nicaragua, and the United States, where he acquired an extensive knowledge of the industry and processes, including agronomic processes, blending, cigar production, marketing, and international sales.

In 2011, he joined Mombacho Cigars as a consultant, where he designed and implemented new vitolas, successful blends, an effective quality assurance system, and a complete redimensioning of warehousing and logistics. He created a distribution and sales network that covered more than twelve countries and developed productive relationships with the best tobacco growers in Nicaragua. He led the renovation of Casa Favilli, a historic monument in Granada that now serves as the Mombacho cigar factory.

In January 2020, he was elected president of the Nicaragua Tobacco Chamber (CNT), which has 26 members representing 95 % of cigars and tobacco exported from Nicaragua.

Resources on the topic

  • The address of the company: Claudio Sgroi, Master Blender, Tobacco Industry Consultant, 7209 NW 54th St, Miami-FL 33166 USA, Cell: +1 (305) 767-0032

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