Cigars.Zone celebrates 7 yearsCigars.Zone celebrates 7 years

ZigarrenZone saw the light of day in 2014. Back then, I would never have dreamed of what it would one day become...'s INSIDER mailing list
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CigarZone and no plan

It started as a blog with articles about cigar tastings. After just two years, I received inquiries from the cigar industry: what marketing collaboration opportunities are there with ZiZo? I was "gobsmacked", as they say. I had no plan! So the first banners appeared on the website to help finance my hobby a little.

And after three years, FlashCigar - the online magazine - appeared as an additional service for readers.

FlashCigar and the cry for MEEEEHR - and: Membership established

It was initially published four times a year. In 2020, readers and the cigar industry wanted more. It was published monthly. WHAT?! Monthly? Imagine that: I'm a one-man show here with no staff, no editorial team and no graphic designer. But I succeeded: each issue had between 60 - 120 pages > and that every month! And then: The readers were overwhelmed - too much information 🙂

In addition, hundreds of articles appeared on ZigarrenZone, which I also produced.

And, as I didn't have much to do - haha - I also decided to turn ZigarrenZone into an online community. You could become a member for free and use a news section and forums to upload your own photos and texts. Want to become a member? Yes of course, see the link below in the resources section.

In 2020, I founded ZigarrenZone GmbH. The hobby became a company - and is still my hobby.

Back to the roots and the members say: "This is not a blog!"

In 2021 - for the 7th anniversary of ZigarrenZone - I went back to the roots. FlashCigar was published 4 times a year again and got its own website. Short and crisp news from the cigar world is the mission.

ZigarrenZone is of course the flagship and will remain as usual - including the successful community section. A survey has shown that ZigarrenZone is not seen as a blog, but as an online magazine. Thank you for this appreciation, which of course made me very happy 🙂

Thank you 🙂

I say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all my readers and members! You fill ZigarrenZone with life! I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to my loyal marketing partners! Thanks to you, ZigarrenZone is still free for readers.

I never dreamed that everything would turn out the way it has. I am deeply grateful.

CigarZone: New eBook José L. Piedra
Look how happy I am 🙂 .

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By Vasilij Ratej

I am the editor of Zigarren.Zone online magazine and FlashCigar (online magazine). In addition to text articles, I also produce video clips and video documentaries. My aim is to offer my readers and viewers a unique experience and bring them closer to the world of cigars and stories about people. I attach great importance to authenticity and honesty in my contributions.

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