Camacho Ecuador Toro: How about'this?

Camacho Ecuador Toro: How about this?

Camacho Ecuador Toro - LIVE LOUD! This is a cracking cigar for tough men only. The "mimimis" have no place here. Neither do girls; but this cigar is also a must for tough biker ladies. PENG! Strength 4/5 - have fun with the 60-second clip!

Fact sheet of the cigar

  • Format: Toro
    • Length: 150 mm
    • Ring: 50
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper: Ecuador
    • Binder: Brazil
    • Inlay: Dom. Republic and Honduras
  • Strength: X
  • Manufacture: Hand rolled long filler cigar
  • Recommended acclimatization: Suitable for tasting immediately. In the cold season: Leave the cigars in the humidor (with cellophane) for a few days.
  • Price: Status April 2022
    • CHF 9.80 / box of 20 CHF 196.00 / box of 5 CHF 49.00
    • EUR 9.15 / box of 20 EUR 183.00
Camacho Ecuador Toro: How about this?
Burn! Burn!

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