Camacho Broadleaf Toro Tasting

Camacho Broadleaf Toro Tasting! I have tested three specimens. The distinguishing feature of the latest line Camacho Broadleaf is the oversized Honduran Broadleaf wrapper. It represents gigantic flavor with the best workmanship and passion. In its pursuit of excellence, the brand has made no compromises. Decades of Honduran craftsmanship and expertise went into this latest addition to the line.

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Tasting: 60 sec clip

I hope you are well and enjoying life to the fullest. Today I want to talk to you about the Camacho Broadleaf Toro, a cigar that is brand new to the world of tobacco lovers. But also check out the short video clip about my tasting; it reveals something interesting about what wicked tongues say about Camacho 😅

Full-bodied, strong - simply Camacho, MACHT SPASS! The brand new and oversized wrapper from Honduras is the flavor carrier par exzellence! Check out the tasting!

Camacho Broadleaf Toro: A strength and fullness that impresses

The Camacho Broadleaf Toro is a cigar that moves on the strength scale between 3/5 and 4/5. Thus, it is just right for connoisseurs who are looking for a certain strength in their cigar, and in addition want to be overwhelmed by the flavors.

A taste explosion from the second half

Taste-wise, the Camacho Broadleaf Toro has a lot to offer. When you light this cigar, you are immediately greeted by a woody note that combines with a hint of pepper. This combination gives the cigar a pleasant spiciness that blends well with the palate.

But that is not all. One also perceives a subtle nuttiness and a slight sweetness that make this cigar a true powerful pleasure. The sweetness is reminiscent of sweet coffee, and this is where the fruity twist comes into play. Yes, I did indeed taste a fruity note, but it's hard to tell exactly where it came from. A mystery that makes this cigar even more enticing.

Camacho cigars: What evil tongues say

There are always evil tongues that claim something funny but still unbelievable about Camacho cigars. You'll find out in the short video clip 😅

Full-bodied, strong, makes FUN.

Much cigar for CHF 10.50 the piece. Top!


The Camacho Broadleaf Toro is a cigar that does not disappoint. With its balanced strength and diverse flavors, it is a real treat for the senses. I hope you have the opportunity to try it for yourself and gather your own impressions.

Until then, enjoy your cigars and the little pleasures of life!

Fact sheet from the SEOTITEL

For the details please unfold

The Analysis I performed with the Cigars.Zone Testing Tool by. Explanations to the ZiZo R+ smoke technology you can find here.

Format: Toro (ring 50 / length 152 mm)

Tobacco: Wrapper: Oversize from Honduras / Binder: Honduras / Filler: Dom. Republic & Honduras

Recommended acclimatization in the humidor: 10 days with cellophane in humidor

Price: Status September 2023 / CHF 10.50 / box of 20 CHF 210.00

Three copies tested. 89 points. Bravo!

Three copies tested. 89 points. Bravo!

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