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Camacho Broadleaf

Camacho Broadleaf NEW LINE. Therefore, Camacho Cigars is pleased to announce the addition of a new line to its portfolio. Camacho Broadleaf is designed to excite particularly adventurous aficionados and flavor lovers in search of a special smoking experience. Editor's note: "Broadleaf" means broadleaf.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Cigars are natural products that contain nicotine and are for enjoyment. Please be mindful as smoking can be harmful to your health.

Oversized wrapper: Camacho Broadleaf

The distinguishing feature of the latest line Camacho Broadleaf is the oversized Honduran Broadleaf wrapper. It stands for gigantic taste with the best workmanship and passion. In its pursuit of excellence, the brand has made no compromises. Decades of Honduran craftsmanship and expertise went into this latest addition to the line.

"I am incredibly proud of the great work of our Master Blenders in Honduras. Because the line they created is not only excellent in taste, but also bold and fearless in attitude. Exactly what our aficionados are looking for," says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. "The Broadleaf wrapper is a particular contributor to the exciting cigar experience. It dresses each format in an oily, almost silky look and adds a creamy note to the flavor profile."

Taste experience of the new Camacho Broadleaf Cigars

The Broadleaf wrapper cigar offers a blend of tobaccos from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. In this combination, they raise the taste to a whole new level. At medium intensity, the Camacho Broadleaf impresses with a robust flavor profile. Rich notes of dark chocolate and espresso meet creamy sweetness and earthy spice. Flavors of leather and oak add an adventurous character and another layer of complexity to the experience.

Camacho Broadleaf will be available in boxes of 20 cigars each in Robusto, Toro and Gordo formats. All cigars will be delivered with attractive banderoles. They offer a unique taste experience, as one would expect from premium cigars, and demonstrate with their quality the high craftsmanship and attention to detail of Camacho.

Market launch & availability of the Camacho Broadleaf

The new Camacho Broadleaf line will be available in the U.S. starting July 21, 2023 and in Germany and Switzerland* starting September 15, 2023.

*Date and availability may vary by country.

About Camacho cigars

Camacho is the world's leading brand of bold cigars and embodies the concept of unleashing distinctive and intense experiences. Moreover, since known in 1962, the brand has become a haven for powerful, elemental smokers who want to make their lives an unconditional good time. Thanks to a combination of rich heritage, excellent product quality and an attitude of never giving up, Camacho has been able to evolve into a brand that is perceived worldwide as synonymous with strong taste and unconditional lifestyle.

Camacho Broadleaf; The cigars are wrapped in cellophane.

The Camacho Broadleaf comes in three formats: Robusto, Toro, Gordo in boxes of 20.

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