Boveda Butler discontinues production

Boveda Butler hired with immediate effect

BOVEDA informed last week, here the original text, translated from English: "Following ongoing supply difficulties with this product, we have decided after careful consideration to discontinue the Boveda Butler (GBAMS20) with immediate effect.

We as a company hold ourselves to the highest product standards. This change will allow us to better focus on what we do best - providing the best 2-way humidity control solutions for the tobacco, cannabis and music markets. It is important to note that all existing Boveda Butler products on the market will continue to be supported by our partner Blustream and therefore the current and future user experience and customer service will not be interrupted or compromised in any way."'s INSIDER mailing list
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Editor's comment: Apps related to tobacco have been blocked in Apple's AppStore since the beginning of 2018. This is what happened to the Lounge Locator from Cigar Aficionado and others (Cigars.Zone Social Network reported). In December 2019, it then also CIGSOR caught.

We have asked BOVEDA whether the discontinuation of Boveda Butler is also related to this and how exactly updates will be guaranteed in Apple's AppStore in future. After all, there is a risk that this app may also be banned. Should this happen, all customers from the Apple AppStore will have a dead product at home and will no longer be able to use it. Unless the company Bluestream makes it available as a native app. However, customers will then have to download the updates themselves from the company's server and will not be notified that an update is available. The company has not yet responded to our inquiry. If we receive an answer, we will of course publish it here.

Addendum from 11.12.2021: As we suspected, the app is no longer being developed and is transmitting incorrect data. See this article about a test period of 3 weeks with a total of four hygrometers in comparison.

Boveda Butler discontinues production
In use at Zigarren.Zone Social Network. How much longer really?

Photo of the Boveda butler in the cover picture:


    1. I watched the video. A very good solution for IT enthusiasts. As a normal dummy, I'm overwhelmed with setting up something like this and wouldn't have the patience. I think it's good that you offer support to set it up. As soon as the Boveda Butlers are removed from the Apple AppStore or there are no more updates, I'll put my wife to work on the solution. She's a computer scientist ? / PS: Unfortunately, CIGSOR has been removed from my system. All the circuit boards were defective and I never received a replacement, even though I was promised one. Now the things are lying in the garbage somewhere.

    2. An interesting possibility that you present there, thanks for the video! Can you say something about the accuracy of the sensor and whether it can/must be calibrated?

      1. Hi Stefan, the sensor is very accurate. More accurate than any hydrometer I've ever had. However, it is also the largest hydrometer I have ever had 😉 The only disadvantage is actually the size. It takes up a little more space than the usual hydrometers. It does not need to be calibrated. Simply enter the data into the network and create your dashboard. In the meantime, I've also made my dashboard a bit prettier.