Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016Available in Switzerland from 14.07.2021 at La Casa del Habano and from 21.07.2021 at Habanos Specialists.

Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016, eagerly awaited since its presentation in February 2020 at the XXII Festival del Habano, Havana, Cuba. The format is Belicosos Finos.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Availability Switzerland of the Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016

The Bolivar Belicosos Finos Reserva Cosecha 2016 are in Switzerland available from 14.07.2021 in La Casa del Habano and from 21.07.2021 in Habanos Specialists. It is not yet known when it will be available in Germany and Austria.

Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016
Nobly packaged.

The harvest

The carefully selected tobacco for this cigar comes from the 2016 harvest in Vuelta Abajo in Cuba. In order to produce a cigar with the designation "Reserva", this tobacco must be aged for at least 3 years.

Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016
I bet it smells wonderful.

The edition and the price

The edition of Belicosos Finos Reserva is limited to just 5,000 crates. These are painted glossy black and individually numbered. Each of them contains 20 of these excellent cigars, which are characterized by a slightly earthy spiciness with fruity aromas and are each marked with an additional black and silver ring. The box costs CHF 1,300.00.

Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016
A beautiful sight.
Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016
Available in Switzerland from 14.07.2021 at La Casa del Habano and from 21.07.2021 at Habanos Specialists.

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