Cohiba cigarillo design editions

4 Cohiba cigarillo design editions

4 Cohiba cigarillo design editions - 2021 is off to a good start! Four new, limited edition cigarillo designs have now found their way to Germany. Number 1: The Cohiba Club and Number 2: Mini cigarillos are presented in an elegant, high-quality cap box. The design is dominated by gold and is skillfully staged with black. State-of-the-art printing techniques such as holographic elements in the logo were used here.

Cohiba cigarillo design editions
Design Edition 1: Club Cigarillo and Design Edition 2: Mini Cigarillo.

Number 3: A somewhat more classic interpretation of the iconic design can be found in the limited Cohiba Club 50 Edition "Travel Retail". Originally conceived exclusively for the duty-free channel, this design edition is also available on the domestic market as an exception. Number 4: Last but not least, the brand's shooting star, the Cohiba Short, is also being given a limited edition: 50 Short cigarillos are presented in a high-quality cedar wood box.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Cohiba Cigarillo 50 Club
Design Edition 3: 50 Club.

Limited edition cigarillo

As always, the cigarillos remain fundamentally unchanged in all design editions. They are produced exclusively in Cuba by the premium cigarillo maker Internacional Cubana de Tabacos. 

Cohiba Cigarillo SHORT 50 Club
Design Edition 4: 50 Short.

All four special editions are only available in a limited edition. They can be ordered immediately from 5th Avenue. "The design editions will be sold exclusively through specialist retailers - while stocks last. With these attractive and unusual design editions, we are once again offering our customers exceptional products," says Norbert Schelkle, responsible for marketing Cuban Mini Cigars at 5th Avenue.

Fact Sheet

  • Formats (dimensions): Mini (82 x 7.6mm), Club (96.5 x 8.8mm), Short (82 x 10.6mm)
  • Filler, binder, wrapper: Cuba
  • Production method: mecanizado (machine-made short filler)
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About Cohiba

This cigar is Habanos' most important brand and one of the most famous cigar brands of all. It was created in 1966 especially for President Fidel Castro. It was made in the El Laguito factory, which was kept top secret at the time but is now world-famous. In addition to personal consumption by the Cuban leadership, these cigars were originally exclusively representative gifts for heads of state and diplomats.

Cohiba, El Laguito Manufacture
El Laguito, 2018 on the occasion of the visit of Zigarren.Zone Social Network.

Cohiba is an ancient word used by the Taino Indians for the wraps of tobacco leaves smoked by these indigenous people of Cuba. Columbus' report attests to these wrappers as the first known form of cigar. The leaves of this cigar represent the so-called "selection of the selection" from the five best "vegas de primera" (first quality tobacco plantations) in the San Juan y Martinez and San Luis areas of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco-growing zone.

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