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Please book until 30.11.2018 after which the 50% discount will expire. As of 01 October 2018, there are only 5 places available. Please book as soon as possible and secure your advertising space in FlashCigar – the online cigar magazine of Zigarren.Zone.

Present your product in the most popular online magazine in German language

FlashCigar is a teaser: Each page contains short information on a specific topic. If the reader wants to know more about it, he clicks on the page and reads the whole article in the blog of Zigarren.Zone. The reader can also click on your ad and go to your website or where you want to direct him.

  • Each issue achieves between 24’000 and 32’000 page impressions
  • 5x in 2019: 20.01.19 / 21.04.19 / 23.06.19 / 22.09.19 / 24.11.19

Our company is booking 5 binding advertisements in the year 2019 in the online magazine FlashCigar. Our company receives a 50% discount on the annual financial statement and payment until 31.01.2019.

Total for 2019, 5 advertisements with 50% discount EUR/CHF 1’225.-, payable until 31.01.2019 

  • Size: A4 (297 mm height, 210 mm width)
  • File. JPG (no other file types can be accepted) JPG (no other file types can be accepted)
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Publication dates: 20.01.19 / 21.04.19 / 23.06.19 / 22.09.19 / 24.11.19
  • Please always send your advertisement by the 10th of the month in the issue month.
  • Send in each case the goal URL for the advertisement.
  • You can publish a different advertisement in each issue.
  • You are entitled to one media release per issue. It will appear next to your advertisement. Please send your media release by the 10th of the month in the issue month.
  • You will receive a confirmation and an invoice by e-mail.
  • The invoice is payable until 31.01.2019.

Would you like several advertisements per issue?

This is possible. Please enter in the comment field below how many advertisements you would like to publish per issue. Per advertisement it costs EUR/CHF 1’225.- for the whole year. Example: If you want to publish 4 issues per year If you want to present 4 of your brands per issue, it will cost you 4 x EUR/CHF 1’225.- = Total EUR/CHF 4’900.-.

Please also add http://, thank you.
If you want more than 1 ad per issue, please enter the number of ads per issue here. Or if you have any questions, please also use this field.